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Horizontal Slide Aluminum Windows
Mill Finish HS Window
Economical, Self-framing, self-flashing windows.
Custom sizes also available.
3-0 x 3-0
6-0 x 3-0

Insulated HS Window

5/8" clear insulated glass, self-framing, self-flashing bronze finish. Custom sizes and numerous glazing options available.
3-0 x 3-0 6-0 x 3-0
Fiberglass Skylight
Fiberglass skylights are lightweight, easy to handle and can be cut, drilled and assembled with ordinary tools. The maintenance-free panels won't rot, corrode, peel, tear or warp. They are dent resistant and strong enough to weather the elements.
11' R Panel Skylight - White
Closures, Sealant & Touch up
Closure Strips without Adhesive
Tex-Rib Inside Closure
Tex-Rib Outside Closure
R Panel Inside Closure
R Panel Outside Closure
Closure Strips with Adhesive
Tex-Rib Outside Closure
R Panel Outside Closure
Polyurethane Universal Closure with Adhesive
1" thick x 1-1/2" wide x 25' roll
Rolls of Butyl Tape ("Tacky Tape")
3/32" x 3/8" x 45'
Vented Closures for Ridge Cap
10' Tex-Rib Versa Vent
3' R Panel Vent-Tile Closure with Adhesive
Expandable Foam Sealant
1" x 1-1/2" x 15' - R Panel (per roll)
1" x 1" x 20' - Tex-Rib (per roll)
Excellent for sealing hips and valleys.
Acryl-R Acrylic Sealant
10.3 oz. Cartridge - Clear
NP-1 Polyurethane Sealant
Colors available - Stone, Grey, White, Green, Tan
Rust-Oleum Spray Paint
12 oz. Red Oxide
12 oz. Cold Galvanizing Compound
Roof Flashings
Description O/S Pipe
#3 Grey Round Base 1/4" - 4"
#4 Grey Round Base 3" - 6"
#5 Grey Round Base 4" - 7"
#6 Grey Round Base 5" - 9"
#7 Grey Round Base 6" - 11"
#8 Grey Round Base 7" - 13"
#9 Grey Round Base 10" - 18"
Sizes listed above will withstand heat up to 212 degrees F.
Description O/S Pipe Diameter
#101 Grey Round Base 4" - 9-1/4"
#801 Grey Round Base 1/2" - 4"
High temperature silicone roof flashings and flashings to 26" diameter available. The high temperature will withstand heat up to 400 degrees F. Please call for current price and availability.
See our Installation Page for instructions on installation.
Panel-Tite Woodbinder Woodscrews

Triangle Fastener's premium metal to wood fastener with v-neck head design, EPDM sealing washer and 1.2 mil. galvanized finish.
10 x 1" galvanized or painted (per 100)
10 x 1-1/2" galvanized or painted (per 100)
Maxi-Seal Self Drill Lap Screws
1/4-14 x 7/8" galvanized or painted (per 100)
Maxi-Seal Steelbinder
Purlin Screws
12-14 x 1" galvanized or painted (per 100)
Blazer Heavy Gauge Purlin Screws w/out washers
12-24 x 7/8" galvanized
12-24 x 1-1/2" galvanized

All painted screws are available in 9 different colors
to match Metal Depot Painted metal panels.

Radiant Barrier Insulation
4' x 125' roll - 1/4" thick
R Value: Down 15.0

Easy to Install - Thin, flexible and lightweight, Radiant Barrier is easy to handle and installs quickly. Requires only scissors and a staple gun

Safe - Clean, non-toxic, requires no special protective clothes, gloves, or masks

Compact - uses very little wall space

Tough - Punctures are easily repaired, ensuring insulation integrity

Water-resistant - keeps moisture out to maintain full insulation effectiveness

Wind barrier - absolutely stops air infiltration, adding to the energy efficiency of your home.

Enduring - impervious to fungus and insects and other pests.

Energy Efficient - saves you money, keeps you comfortable.
Ridge Vents
9 x 10 Ridge Ventilators
  • 9" throat in 10 foot sections. Other sizes available upon request.
  • Integral dampers - easy - moving damper opens to any degree from fully open to completely closed.
  • Aerodynamically proportioned to exclude weather - protects air passages and full outlet area.
  • Bird screen - fully protected by 4 x 4 mesh galvanized hardware cloth.

Call Store for current pricing.